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These cartoons are my collection from Times of India on the net.You can visit an archive of Cartoons of the Great Cartoonist at this site(click here).

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He is maintaining law and order
in the state for selfish,political
reasons.Not for the sake of the people.
He must be sacked!


Excuse me.How does one pronounce the
name of the new party we just floated?


The score,father is four French policemen
beaten up,seven German hooligans arrested,
thirteen spectators..



Yes, they are running to the vegetable market.
The prices are shooting up every minute !


Supposing you are let off on bail,then could
our two parties form a front to topple the
BJP government?


Watch out! These stains are not made by
pan-chewers! You never know these days ---
they could be blood.        


Luckily this project won't be
affected,sir.It's been like this
even before the sanctions were imposed.


It must be hard to be employed -- All
the time needing more wages
to make ends meet !


One on the left is politician-turned-gang
ster and on the right is gangster-turned-



Alliance meet to discuss consensus on
issues? The first room on the right.  


Must be from backward nation.He
talked about employment,education,
health,shelter and not a word
about nuclear bomb!


Is he the gentleman who came to make
a courtsey call,sir?


Set a bad example for kids....
I wish the live telecast of these
proceedings are stopped!


He's some sort of racketeer.Not a
scientist.It's OK,no harm in issuing
a visa to him!    


He came and immediately rushed to the
well of that house ! Must be an
opposition MP !


Don't you know that crime has increased?
The chap at that corner got my purse,you can
go and rob him.


One more way of extortion.He says he
will tell the police that I'm a Bangladeshi
if I don't give him money!


Wait! I haven't finished the sentence.
I was saying, "fight for unity" and not just "fight"!

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